success starts with a solid core

C_1bFamily Office

Coremix Capital is the investment arm of a family office made up of entrepreneurs.

With our unique blend of expert advice, strong established partnerships, secure capital, and a passion to see your enterprise thrive, we will help turn your business vision into a reality.

Coremix Capital was founded on values of honesty, hard work, fairness, trust and respect.

We believe in the power of partnership, and insist that our relationships begin with an open, honest dialogue and culminate in creative ideas and a clear path to success.

At Coremix we strive to achieve success for the management & employees of the companies we back.

We build partnerships with strong management teams & owners of established businesses. Our goal is to work with these businesses to help increase a company’s enterprise value.

Coremix founders Kate and Marty Rifkin believe that caring and deliberate action helps keep a community well and growing.

The health and well-being of children have always been at the heart of their life’s work and their foundation is simply an extension of that.