bottling2Coremix Capital works closely with business owners and managers to structure each investment with a mutually agreeable outcome in mind. 

Investments |

Coremix Capital seeks to develop a balanced and diversified portfolio of investments in well-managed companies whose primary constraint to growth is the inability to access sufficient investment capital. We focus on companies that develop or apply innovative technologies or approaches to products, systems and services.  When analyzing potential investments, Coremix Capital looks for seven primary characteristics:

  A strong strategic vision
 A highly qualified and entrepreneurial management team
  A proprietary technology or uniqueness of product or concept
  An established revenue model with solid EBITDA
  An ability to achieve significant growth through market penetration or expansion
  Prospects for investment liquidity within a determinable period of time
  Growing industries and end markets

Approach Added-Value |

Coremix Capital does not participate in the day-to-day management of the company, but rather adds perspective participating at the board level.  Our executive team members have extensive experience working with management teams to help with important business, financial, marketing & sales and operating decisions.  We offer significant insight into the challenges facing growing companies and help identify effective solutions as well as likely stumbling blocks. 

Confidential Added-Value |

We understand and respect our partners’ need for confidentiality.  To this end, Coremix Capital will not disclose company name and/or information when announcing deal investments without prior approval.

Industries of Investment |

We understand entrepreneurs. We have passion around growing companies. We know how to translate vision into execution. We know how to manage risk. We know how to maximize profitability.

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