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Handsome senior man smiling - OutdoorThe Coremix Capital founders Kate and Marty Rifkin were steadfast supporters of a range of local causes long before they officially founded the KMR Group Foundation in 2006.  They both grew up with parents that were wonderful role models and taught them that caring and deliberate action is what keeps a community well and growing. So it was no surprise that when their small business grew into one of the country’s leading vitamin companies, they continued to give back on an even vaster scale.  The health and well-being of children have always been at the heart of their life’s work and their foundation is simply an extension of that. 


Handsome senior man smiling - OutdoorThe Backpack Program |

The Backpack Program was created in response to an increasing number of nutrition-related problems among students from under-served families in Southwest Washington. Without proper food support, children cannot keep up with demanding schoolwork. Studies have also shown that under-nutrition has a critical impact on young children’s growth and impairs their cognitive development.

KMR Group’s partnership provides students with the tools to succeed by giving them a food allowance every weekend. Every Friday they get a backpack filled with five to ten pounds of nutritious meals and healthful snacks that their family might not be able to afford. They return an empty backpack to school on Monday morning and look forward to receiving another healthy gift at the end of the week.

Handsome senior man smiling - OutdoorScholarship Program |

At KMR Group, we value education and make efforts to recognize accomplished students by making an investment in their potential and assisting them in funding their higher education. Each year, KMR Group gives scholarships that are renewable for up to four years. They are given out based on need and academic achievement.

We are proud of the achievements of all of our scholarship recipients like Evergreen High School student Julia Jones, who dreamt of becoming a Food and Beverage Manager, and with the aide of her awarded scholarship was able to attend the prestigious Culinary Institute of America (CIA). Julia recently received her Associate Degree in Culinary Arts from CIA and began the bachelor’s program in Advanced Hospitality & Wine Management this fall

Handsome senior man smiling - OutdoorThe Good Family Orphange |

KMR Group sponsors the Good Family Orphanage in Odessa, Ukraine. The orphanage was created one night when a grandmother came to the local synagogue with children whose mother’s life had just been taken. The synagogue decided to create a place where Odessa’s orphans could thrive emotionally and intellectually and face the future with confidence.

The orphanage has grown over the years and now has over 50 boys and girls. Its program covers all the children’s needs in terms of clothing, education and healthcare thanks to donations from all around the world. It provides children a new home for a fresh start in life.

Handsome senior man smiling - OutdoorChild Abuse Assessment Team |

KMR Group proudly supports the Child Abuse Assessment Team (CAAT) Program at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center, which provides essential evaluations for children who are victims of abuse and neglect.

The program is composed of a specialized team of skilled professionals including medical social workers, program managers, medical assistants, and board-certified pediatric emergency physicians. The recent expansion of the CAAT Program at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center provides vital resources for children and engages the full spectrum of child abuse concerns in our community.