• Market: Wine Industry

    Market: Wine Industry

    A large private equity firm purchasing a premier Napa Valley winery required a second position term loan as part of the deal structure. Coremix Capital solely provided a $25 million loan. The senior debt was provided by a bank syndicate.

  • Partner: Kosta Browne Winery

    Partner: Kosta Browne Winery

    Coremix Capital supplied a $10 million subordinated debt financing instrument to Kosta Browne, a renowned Sonoma County winery that produces award winning wines. J.W. Childs Associates purchased a controlling interest in the winery. Coremix Capital partnered with Bank of the West, which supplied the senior debt in the transaction. Kosta Browne  

  • Partner: MobileRQ

    Partner: MobileRQ

    MobileRQ – The Contextual Mobile Marketing Platform MobileRQ’s platform enables global travel, entertainment, retail and banking companies to have personalized, relevant brand conversations with customers through their smartphone, the new first screen. Coremix Capital provided a $500,000 minority equity investment and consulting services to Mobile RQ. MobileRQ

  • Partner: Crew Knitwear

    Partner: Crew Knitwear

    Crew Knitwear is a leading designer, manufacturer and wholesaler of modern women’s apparel. The styles inspire a contemporary look and appeal to a broad array of consumers through distinctive color palettes, attractive patterns and textures with an emphasis on fit. Crew Knitwear sells its products to major retailers such as Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters and Dillard’s. Coremix Capital provided Crew Knitwear a minority $8 million equity investment along with operational, finance and marketing expertise. Crew Knitwear

  • Partner: Surgi-Right

    Partner: Surgi-Right

    Surgi-Right is a West Coast medical device company that engineers quality medical devices to improve the operating environment for surgeons and to create efficiencies for healthcare facilities. The company sought an equity investor to pursue a patent and to complete a prototype. Coremix Capital provided the founders capital along with operational, finance and marketing expertise. Surgi-Right

  • Partner: G&M Oil

    Partner: G&M Oil

    G&M Oil is a leading owner and operator of 143 convenience stores and gas stations located throughout Southern California. Coremix Capital provided G&M Oil a five-year $8.3 million loan. G&M refinanced the loan in 2016 and retired its debt to Coremix Capital. Bank of the West provided the senior debt on the transaction in its partnership with Coremix Capital. G&M Oil

  • Market: Gaming Industry

    Market: Gaming Industry

    Coremix Capital partnered with a global provider of compliance certification services for the gaming industry. The company works closely with gaming regulators to test and certify gaming machines like slot machines, card shufflers and lottery systems. Major operations are located in Australia, the United States, South Africa and Europe. The company, which is headquartered in Las Vegas, sought financing to fund domestic expansion. Coremix Capital, along with partner Breakwater Investment Management, provided mezzanine financing. Breakwater Investment Management

  • Market: Medical Device Industry

    Market: Medical Device Industry

    A global manufacturer of orthopedic reconstructive implants and joints, with a focus on the knee and hip, approached Coremix Capital about a funding partnership. Headquartered on the West Coast, the company sells its products throughout North America, Western Europe, Turkey, China, Japan and Australia. The manufacturer sought flexible financing to further fund its domestic and international market expansion. Coremix Capital, along with partner Breakwater Investment Management, provided mezzanine financing. Breakwater Investment Management  

  • Market: Broadcasting Media Industry

    Market: Broadcasting Media Industry

    Coremix Capital teamed with a radio broadcasting group located in the Pacific Northwest that sought acquisition funding to purchase and merge 68 radio stations in 12 markets across the United States. Coremix Capital, along with partner Breakwater Investment Management, provided a subordinated term loan and an equity investment. Breakwater Investment Management